I’m NOT going to give you verses each day–there’s too many other sources for that, and to be honest, why waste my blog on what amounts to simple recitation–albeit thru writing?
Twelve years ago, at age 56, I started a wonderful new relationship–with GOD(& Jesus). A question I’ve had over the years– when others seemed to “fall by the way-side”, how did I sustain my relationship and make it grow?  It didn’t take long to come up with an answer:  I read the Bible!
I have a degree from a major university. I’ve taken all kinds of Philosophy courses. Throughout  the  years I was  convinced that the Bible was anything but a guide for everyday living. Then, and I won’t get into the “whys” or the “wherefores”, I tried it when nothing else could help me. Boy, did it ever help ! Now, I’ll state unequivocally:  THE BIBLE IS THE GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN.
So, yes, my goal is to tweak your interest enough to get you to read it. And, if you approach it with an open-mind, RELAX, and let God do the rest.
My articles will have some tips on how to read the Bible (Hint–the best  place to start might not be the beginning!). Others revolve around applying it to questions of everyday living. And, you’ll see some stories of  important Biblical events as they are reported on scene by a modern-day reporter.  I hope to make these events come to life–as if they were happening right now!
With that in mind–if you have any doubts–just enjoy! Please use the “comments” section–I do respond to each of them. Your privacy( and your web address) will be respected.

Bill Byrnes  –  Bloomington, Il.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Anne, Thank you so much for your willingness to reply. You’ve already discovered something that I didn’t discover till I was 56–that going to the source of religion(the Bible) was far more fulfilling than pursuing it thru one of mankind’s methodologies (one of the many Christian sects). Reading your DMs tells me that you’re not far from “home”. I felt the same way you feel now–& then discovered the Bible…things fell into place quickly. Think my next post will be some tips on how to start reading it. Have a wonderful & blessed Saturday. Bill Byrnes

  1. I happened to stumble across your blog well looking to purchase the Smart Guide to the Bible ™ (ebook or physical copy) and I must say you have peaked my interest in getting to know what you know about the Word of God (the Bible). I have considered my self to be a Christian for several years but I just recently decided I wanted to learn all I can about the Bible and began reading it. Because just opening it up and reading has been a huge challenge for me in the “understanding” (that’s the only way I can put it). What is God trying to teach me, tell me and show me ?? I’ve heard you should start reading the Bible at John and I have read John and some of Mathew, Mark and Luke but not all of those Gospels as I find myself comparing what each one of them has written to the others and how all of them play into Jesus’s life. Anyway I’ve read your good books other than the Good Book (the page I was dropped on during my search) and the welcome page and I can’t wait to read more. I hope you still read your messages and share your knowledge on this blog. Thanks for taking time to read my long message. One other thing if I have questions can I ask you?? Thanks and have a God blessed day.

    • Susanne,

      Thx so much for your thoughtful comment. Don’t know why you were dropped. I heard the same thing about starting the Bible at the New Testament–which I did. But, I did find myself jumping around to different books depending upon my mood. I found that the Psalms was a great way to “change the pace”.
      Yes, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, May you also have a blessed day.

      Bill Byrnes

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